Dawn Of The Phoenix

In her seventeen years, Calli Kemp still hasn’t learned to control her temper or her tongue. After a particularly ugly argument with her dad, Calli uses one of her made-up curse words to tell him off…and send a fireball at him. Before Calli can start to question who, or what, she is, the baffled teen is ripped from the world of indoor plumbing and T.V. and dropped into the medieval world of Andlar.

Initially captured, but not the damsel type, Calli’s right hook entrances the usurper’s son Valcon. With the help of spies, Calli is taken to the rebel camp where they claim she is the prophesied phoenix destined to save the people of Andlar. Only by winning the rebellion against the cruel usurper Debor and restoring the rightful Queen to the throne can she be sent home and no amount of swearing or eye rolling can change that.

After almost roasting the wrathful Princess, Calli begrudgingly begins magic and combat lessons. She comes to earn a reluctant friendship with the warrior Princess Serena and the shunned Lady Drachiana. When Calli learns there is a traitor within the camp she can’t decide which is worse, that one of her new friends might not be what they seem or that her chances of going home grow smaller every day. Tired of waiting for the dwindling rebels to make their move or be eviscerated, she presents them with a dangerous plan to retake their castle and country, but it puts her and the possible man of her dreams on opposite ends of a sword.


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