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I am a writer who aspires to be an author in the crazy, ever-changing, but dazzling world of publishing.

Kissing Scene Competition!

For Cupid’s Literary Connection: Kissing Scene Competition. Little prologue by popular demand. Natalie is a 16 year old runaway, hiding from the law in NYC. Dominick is a NYC patrolman with a black and white idea of justice/right/wrong. After being mugged, where Natalie was warned to stay away from Dom or their attackers would kill him, their emotions are heightened and passion takes hold.

“And what if you don’t like what you find out? What if what you hear makes you run?” she asked with the last of her common sense. Natalie’s arms tightened around his neck, holding him close.

“As long as it’s the truth, I’m not going anywhere.” Dom sealed his promise with a kiss.

Common sense and fight gave way to the all-consuming need of desire that rushed through Natalie’s body. A tentative brush of lips meeting for the first time quickly grew to an over-powering need to explore this new territory. He does taste just as sweet, the cohesive thought managed to surface among the sea of emotions. He parted his lips easily for her begging tongue and she was rewarded with his very essence.

Dissolving into the sensation of his tongue against hers, Natalie barely noticed their unsteady steps to the couch. Dom pulled her down against him, his hands continued to hold her close as if she were the glass that held his entire world within it.

Natalie straddled him, her hands embolden by the heady intoxication of what they were doing and how much more she wanted to do. She lifted his shirt and her hands came into contact with his abdomen, careful of his tender ribs. She knew he had an athletic build from the grimy t-shirts he wore on laundry day, but to feel the physical results of his occupation was another matter. She became even more brazened as his muscles shivered and relaxed at her fingertips.

“Natalie,” he moaned. One of his hands lifted her shirt, giving it access to thrumming skin. His other hand entwined itself within her hair, holding her close; a fruitless effort. There was nowhere she’d rather be than on his lap devouring his lips. Barely conscious of her actions, she arched her back against his hand, gyrating slightly on his confining jeans.

“Jesus, Natalie,” he groaned. He tugged gently on her lower lip and she whimpered, before he comforted her with another kiss.



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If You Had An Agent At 15…

If You Had An Agent At 15….


An excellent interview and story about a querying experience. We should all be so lucky!

Check out Amy Zhang’s blog. I’ll be looking forward to her book!

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The Words

I just found this AMAZING movie.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had seven little devils all around you saying “hey, that would get you published.” Sorry for the Florence and the Machine reference…actually no, I’m not sorry. Florence rocks.

Right! Anyway, I don’t condone plagiarism. What writer in their right mind would? But when you try and try and all you do is keep hitting that brick wall, you erode a bit. The Words is about a writer (sexy Bradley Cooper <3) who can't get published even though all he wants is to be a writer/author. I feel your pain, Sir. We should get together and talk about it 😉

He finds an old MS from another man/boy (sexy Ben Barnes <3) who writes a story, and nothing comes of it. Not the best synopsis, but I'm going off the trailer here, even their synopsis isn't that grand.

Anyway, sexy Bradley steals the old MS, gets published and becomes 50 shades of famous! (I doubt it's that kind of book, but still, haha)

Now the past is coming back to haunt him in the form of Jeremy Irons. I'd be terrified.

Love interests abound with sexy ladies Nora Arnezeder, Olivia Wilde, and Zoe Saldana as the leading ladies.

All I can say is, I've never wanted September to get here so fast, since college!

Who’s going to see it with me?!

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Flavorwire » 10 of the Weirdest Children’s Book Authors of All Time

Flavorwire » 10 of the Weirdest Children’s Book Authors of All Time.

Haha, what do you guys think?

They definitely missed some great crazy authors. Look at James A. Owen. Not only does he write crazy (awesome books) but he himself is a crazy (awesome) guy.

D.J.Machale?? Pendragon Series anyone??

What about you? Who do you think is one of the Weirdest Children’s Book Authors? (Alive or dead- just because they’re dead does not mean their weirdness doesn’t transcend!)

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Ten Top Ingredients for Fabulous Fantasy – Kate Forsyth – Random House Books Australia

Ten Top Ingredients for Fabulous Fantasy – Kate Forsyth – Random House Books Australia.

For all you fantasy writers out there (a fantasy geek myself, so stand tall!) these are some excellent points for thought. Check out the link above but let me bullet point it for you.

The 10 things you need to think about are:

Characters, Archetypes, Objective, Obstacles, Root in the Real, Beware of too much Black & White, Magic, Silver Tongued Writing, Morality/ Philosophy, and The Happy Ending.

You know what’s funny about me (not that you were thinking that, but I’ll tell you anyway) I’m not one for neat little bows on the end of my stories. I blame this really fantastic writing professor I had in college. Stories are supposed to be messy with upheavals, so neat little ending kind of go against the grain there.

That doesn’t mean I’m against tying up lose ends, that would be silly! A good book definitely ties up all the loose ends, but not with a Christmas ribbon. Excellent example? THE HUNGER GAMES!

Ms. Collins, may birds sing around her, tied about her series very nicely but with an ending far from happy. Rather she gave her characters and the readers hope. I think it made a bigger impact to the audience too. Time Traveler’s Wife is another great book with an ending that doesn’t have rainbows, but offers hope.

Do you think Hope is the same thing as Happy?

Oh, right. I went off on a rant. You should click that link up above now!

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Media Inspiration

There’s nothing like having a writing drought and then pounding out  2,500 words in one night! Of course, it helps when the scene is being perpetuated by it’s own soundtrack. And by soundtrack, I mean the same song being replayed about 23 times 🙂

It might also help that I’ve been on a Writing Movie kick. I don’t mean books turned into movies, more like movies about writing. I’m telling you, you watch Finding Forester and you’re gonna get the kick you need to sit down and start typing. Warning! You might also have the urge to go out and buy a typewriter (stay off Pininterest!).

Some authors, like Stephenie Meyer, actually post their playlists that run through their heads while writing. I think this is a cool idea and very helpful in the motivational/inspirational dept.

My song list right now consists of 3 Doors Down – Let Me Go, Let Love Begin by Flashdrive, and Florence + The Machine- Breath of Life. If I tried naming all the songs I’m running through while writing my new novel it would make this a very looooooong post.

Yes I’m writing a new novel! Still YA but not fantasy so much as just regular fiction. More on that later, when I have a few solid chapters under my belt.

Movies that have me punching my computer key (I wish they were typewriter keys!):

Finding Forester-“You write your first draft with your heart. Then you write your second draft with your head.”

Finding Neverland – “All the great writers start with two things: A good, solid journal and a title”

Midnight in Paris- “No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure. ”

Okay, so I might have paraphrased some of that, but still, you get the idea! What movies/ songs are inspiring you?

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A Cautionary Word

“A word of caution to this tale” (points if you can name the reference)

We all love great writers and their wonderful works. 9 times out of 10, those are the reasons we aspire to become writers. But for all those future writers out there: when you read, read while sucking on a grain of salt.

When we read a magnificent story, where not only the plot but the words, the construction of sentences becomes a a piece of art, a thought can pass through our entertained minds. “It’s so simple, these great sentences, these plot twists, so simple that I should be able to do the same thing!”

The next thought is what separates the writers who are serious about becoming authors, and those who wish to dabble. “So amazing, he/she must have taken forever to get that one sentence/ scene just right.” While reading, it is easy to become consumed by the beauty and intricacy of a novel, but I believe that if you want some kind of confirmation that who you are is a writer then you should be able to take a step back, look behind the curtain, and realize that it is not easy.

Great writers are great because they take simple ideas, build them up, dress and present them to the world in a cohesive fashion, all while doing it so everyone can grasp their meaning. To admire them because of their simplicity is folly. No matter how easy it is to grasp the meaning, be surprised, or marvel at the wordsmith skills, there is nothing ‘easy’ about making the book.

I’m not saying get discouraged, give up now because you’ll never write like that. Not at all! I’m saying getting fired up about it, don’t just emulate what you read, but make it anew and show the world that you belong up there.

Don’t get discouraged when you find creating a beautiful cohesive sentence, let alone a book, isn’t as simple as you original thought.

Some of the authors who have made great works appear simple and elegant for me are:

Tamora Pierce, J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, D.J. Machale, John Flanaghan.

What about you?

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