About Me


My name is Alicia and I’m an aspiring author (can’t you tell?) Let’s get the credentials out-of-the-way. I graduated from Drew University with a Bachelor’s in English and a minor in Creative Writing annnnd that’s about it! I have had my poetry published once or twice and had a short story published by an online publication but nothing big yet.

This blog is dedicated to the difficult process of trying to get published in the ever-changing world of publishing. It’s a journey many take, some even give up on. There are plenty of blogs out there by already made it authors and literary agents as well as publishers. But this is by someone who is just starting out and trying to figure out the ups and downs of trying to get an agent, a publisher, and eventually how to get her book properly publicized.

So from time to time (I’ll be honest, blogging is not my whole life) I’ll be posting updates on who’s taking an interest, the number of rejections, and agents I would suggest. Any tidbits to the age old questions like word count, what are agents looking for, why is my query letter dying, will be answered as I find the answers.

I hope my troubles and tribulations will help others.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. rasanaatreya

    Hi Alicia,
    This is too valuable a real estate to leave unwritten, so to speak. Tell the world about your book, about yourself, drum up interest in your book, build name recognition for yourself. And good luck with trying to getting published!
    And thank you for signing up for blog.

  2. Hi Alicia
    You will succeed… But dont give up at any circumstance…
    Your dreams will come true one day…I am Ashok Aditya from India…I asked a connection request too.. I saw your tweets too.. I am following you in Twitter… Me too interested in writing small stores for kids.. I am your follower, so me to should struggle and try to overcome many obstacles i think… I may need your help… If you are very Big Hearted you can help… I am bad in English…. But my aspirations are to climb Everest…
    If you reply directly to my e mail ID : ashok.aditya2009@gmail.com
    i will be happy…. Me too will try my best to help you to find a good agent or direct publisher for your works…. You send all the details to my e mail ..
    Thanks &

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