Kissing Scene Competition!

For Cupid’s Literary Connection: Kissing Scene Competition. Little prologue by popular demand. Natalie is a 16 year old runaway, hiding from the law in NYC. Dominick is a NYC patrolman with a black and white idea of justice/right/wrong. After being mugged, where Natalie was warned to stay away from Dom or their attackers would kill him, their emotions are heightened and passion takes hold.

“And what if you don’t like what you find out? What if what you hear makes you run?” she asked with the last of her common sense. Natalie’s arms tightened around his neck, holding him close.

“As long as it’s the truth, I’m not going anywhere.” Dom sealed his promise with a kiss.

Common sense and fight gave way to the all-consuming need of desire that rushed through Natalie’s body. A tentative brush of lips meeting for the first time quickly grew to an over-powering need to explore this new territory. He does taste just as sweet, the cohesive thought managed to surface among the sea of emotions. He parted his lips easily for her begging tongue and she was rewarded with his very essence.

Dissolving into the sensation of his tongue against hers, Natalie barely noticed their unsteady steps to the couch. Dom pulled her down against him, his hands continued to hold her close as if she were the glass that held his entire world within it.

Natalie straddled him, her hands embolden by the heady intoxication of what they were doing and how much more she wanted to do. She lifted his shirt and her hands came into contact with his abdomen, careful of his tender ribs. She knew he had an athletic build from the grimy t-shirts he wore on laundry day, but to feel the physical results of his occupation was another matter. She became even more brazened as his muscles shivered and relaxed at her fingertips.

“Natalie,” he moaned. One of his hands lifted her shirt, giving it access to thrumming skin. His other hand entwined itself within her hair, holding her close; a fruitless effort. There was nowhere she’d rather be than on his lap devouring his lips. Barely conscious of her actions, she arched her back against his hand, gyrating slightly on his confining jeans.

“Jesus, Natalie,” he groaned. He tugged gently on her lower lip and she whimpered, before he comforted her with another kiss.



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17 responses to “Kissing Scene Competition!

  1. Maggie Young

    Wow! That was quite steamy! You did a wonderful job keeping the visuals flowing, and NOT getting all tied up in a play-by-play of tongues and hands that are often so distracting in racy scenes like this, so many kudos there! I wish you had posted a few sentences of background so I could have an idea of the characters and their situation a little bit, and maybe got a feel for their emotions and how they got to this point. Even without it though, you still have a great kissing scene you have here. Best of luck!

  2. Maggie is so right! This is a VERY steamy scene. Like she mentioned, a few lines of set up would be nice so we know a little about these characters, especially since you mention about his occupation.

    Otherwise, this is a great kissing scene. I liked that you described her tongue as “begging”. Great detail!

    -Amber (#41)
    My Kissing Scene

  3. faithandrews

    Can you say steamy? Lol! This was very hot! I loved it!!! “Her hands embolden by the heady intoxication” awesome stuff 🙂 great job!!!

    Jessica #42

  4. Definitely steamy! My fav line: Common sense and fight gave way to the all-consuming need of desire that rushed through Natalie’s body. Love it!
    -Entry #12

  5. Woo! This is a steamy one! Nice job!

    Larissa (#47)

  6. Some nice imagery! My favorite part: “as if she were the glass that held his entire world within it”
    Good Luck 🙂
    Melonie (kiss #29)

  7. So many great lines, and as much as I love the steaminess (and it IS steamy), I also love the bits that were a little sweet as well, like this one: “…his hands continued to hold her close as if she were the glass that held his entire world within it.” Great scene!
    Amy (Kiss #5 and BSD #133)

    • I love that Dom is a tough guy with a soft side. My absolute favorite line is, “He parted his lips easily for her begging tongue”. Great scene! Best of luck!
      Michelle (Kiss #8 and BSD #113)

  8. Kissing Expert Kalen here, and after shooing impressionable small children away from my vicinity I feel I have no choice but to award you the Most intense/hottest kiss: Get A Room Award on account of Oh My Gizmo, I have my fan on so why is it still so hot in here HUBBA HUBBA. Go forth and set loins a-burnin’ with more kissing scenes, says I!


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