Ten Top Ingredients for Fabulous Fantasy – Kate Forsyth – Random House Books Australia

Ten Top Ingredients for Fabulous Fantasy – Kate Forsyth – Random House Books Australia.

For all you fantasy writers out there (a fantasy geek myself, so stand tall!) these are some excellent points for thought. Check out the link above but let me bullet point it for you.

The 10 things you need to think about are:

Characters, Archetypes, Objective, Obstacles, Root in the Real, Beware of too much Black & White, Magic, Silver Tongued Writing, Morality/ Philosophy, and The Happy Ending.

You know what’s funny about me (not that you were thinking that, but I’ll tell you anyway) I’m not one for neat little bows on the end of my stories. I blame this really fantastic writing professor I had in college. Stories are supposed to be messy with upheavals, so neat little ending kind of go against the grain there.

That doesn’t mean I’m against tying up lose ends, that would be silly! A good book definitely ties up all the loose ends, but not with a Christmas ribbon. Excellent example? THE HUNGER GAMES!

Ms. Collins, may birds sing around her, tied about her series very nicely but with an ending far from happy. Rather she gave her characters and the readers hope. I think it made a bigger impact to the audience too. Time Traveler’s Wife is another great book with an ending that doesn’t have rainbows, but offers hope.

Do you think Hope is the same thing as Happy?

Oh, right. I went off on a rant. You should click that link up above now!


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