The Trials and Waiting

So I realize the time gap in my blog posts, but when I focus on one thing, I get so caught up, that others will slip away.

When I made my New Year’s Resolution to write something everyday, I knew I would end up breaking it, but this was one that I was going to keep even after I broke it. Two weeks after the 1st I skipped a day. Fine, I wrote the day after that. Missed a day here and there. February has a giant 2 week chunk missing…I was busy! But I find this exercise more than anything has helped me start my new book.

I hope one day, when I get an Agent, and we have a good relationship and many books between the two of us, I can show him/her Dawn of the Phoenix and finally see it in bookstores. For now, it has been shelved.

There is something liberating and terrifying in starting over. It’s a clean slate, but one that you have to scratch somewhere and then allow the chaos to follow. The first time I wrote a novel I wrote it straight through, half making it up as I went, half planned in my head. It was hard, and I’m sure the many writers reading this are cringing.

This new novel has already benefited from my new year’s resolution. I have an overview and running chapter outline. I think I’ll try it this way, see if it makes a difference. My goal here is to have this novel finished and critiqued by May which is when the next Backspace Conference is. I know, I know, why am I wasting time writing on a blog when I clearly have a lot of work to do. Well, I think it’s important that other new writers find this post. You need to know that even if you put your heart and soul into a book, and it goes nowhere, you can still start over. Fight that fear and the “what’s the point” attitude. Remember the reasons you write, what you wanted to make a novel, and just keep repeating them to yourself. Rock back and forth in padded room with a comfortable jacket on if it helps.

Hobey- ho, Geronimo, Onwards and upwards, and all that! What’s your new book about?

Oh also, you should go to the link below. The tips and advice will sound familiar but really reassuring!


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