The Call comes in…now what?

Many of my fellow Backspacers are writing of this one particular question that was asked. I’m glad, because honestly, I didn’t even think to think of this question.

What happens after you get the mind-numbing, explosive, finally-on-my-way-destiny call from an agent offering you representation?

Everyone was amazed by this question, I’m assuming, because it’s never thought of as important. Ms./Mr. Agent offers to rep and the rest will fall into place, right? Nope, now we have work to do.


Why do you like my book? What’s your plan for it, where do you think we can take it?

What are your suggestions on rewrites? (yeah, don’t think you’re getting off there)

What kind of contract are we looking at? 

Discuss plans for publicity if the agent is open to it.

Get an idea of what the relationship will be like and who the agent is, is this really the right fit for you?

Yeah, the call came in and life is ten millions times better already. Now take a breath and think about the business aspect of it. After all now you’re a working author 🙂 

Check out The Long Ride Home-

And The Flying Cheetah –

For more detail and great information. In fact, just subscribe to them, you won’t regret it.


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