NaNoWriMo And Backspace

It’s a sad thing when life gets in the way of writing, anyone who tells you it doesn’t….well they are better at balancing all that than me.

So anyway, let’s just recap August-October, shall we?

I’ve queried more than 100 agents for novel and have heard back from more than half. Nothing promising, but everyone knows that’s part of the deal when you start trying to make your dream a reality -road bumps and obstacles. I’m told I should just give up and move on, but there is something about this story which I’ve worked on for several years. I can’t let it go until I’ve tried every avenue. Anyway, enough of the “go get-em attitude”.

Worked at the New York Renfair from August through September- always fun with interesting people abound. I highly suggest everyone try it at least once in their life.

I turned 24 in October, a year out of college and I’m still in limbo, but I kind of knew that would be the price for four magical years of college.


I hope everyone who is reading this knows aboutNaNoWriMo, a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month. It is very important (and time consuming) for anyone out there who wants to be a novelist. You need to check out their awesome website.

While this is my first year doing this, I do know most of the layout. Here are the important parts:

1) It takes place from November 1 through November 30

2) You must write 50,000 words for any kind of novel/story you want

3) If you manage to write 50,000 words in that time frame, YOU WIN A PONY!!!!! (Well, okay not a pony, but a pat on the back from the person closest to you.)

It’s great fun, and I’ll keep you posted on my doings and stats, if you let me know about yours.


Then we have Backspace Agent-Author Seminar (My first in-person conference, yeah I’m excited!)

It takes place in New York Nov 3-4 from 8 to about 5. Nothing but writing and meeting people for  hours, cool! I’m hoping to get some really strong feedback as well as gain a new writing circle of READERS. Not that there is anything wrong with my group of current readers, but it doesn’t hurt to expand right?

I’m also looking forward to meeting the agents I’ve been querying, nice to put faces to the namea! Especially since I’ve been kind of stalking Jennifer Laughran’s blog- and if you haven’t you need to right now….seriously get off my blog and get over to hers!! She’s brilliant! check it out. What conferences have you been to/ are your favorite?


There will be more updates tomorrow after the conference. Maybe I’ll see some of you there!


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