And the results are in!

Hey guys, hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I know I did, so stuffed I could barely move.

For those of you that are actually reading/caring about that little bite I received…it didn’t work out. Another rejection, but at least it was different, right? Anyway the count is now 48.

One of my friends suggested I get a cake for number 50 and I’m inclined to agree. After all, it is a halfway mark, and hey who doesn’t love cake. This same friend actually posted something on my Facebook that really made my day, which is why I will re-post it below.

On a more serious note, Alicia, you are an inspiration. Seriously, you make me less scared of the whole idea of trying to get published. Hell, I almost want you to write a book on your experiences. I feel like your outlook on life, especial…ly the way you’re handling this rejection, is just amazing and as an aspiring writer I sure as hell would like to read how you manage to keep such a positive outlook on all of this. It’s just amazing–but what else besides awesome could I expect from you?
Well thank you very much! As to how to keep up the optimism…well here’s the key. You have to expect the rejection. I’m not saying don’t hope for the reward of success for all the hard work, absolutely do so, that’s what pushes us through this whole process. But if you think each query you send out is gold and each agent will be calling you up immediately, you are in for a serious let down.
In my writing classes back in college, a very smart professor always gave scathing, but helpful criticism. She never used a disclaimer and told us that if we wanted out feelings spared we should take another class, which I didn’t. Here’s what I’m saying, if you can’t take the worst, don’t play the game. So if you can’t look at it as disappointment and let it get you down, the only thing left to do is look at it as a stepping stone to success.
what do you think?

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