First big break….breathe

So after a slew of rejection letters, 41 to be precise, finally a bite! An agent requesting a partial. Now after the initial jumping and screaming (let’s be fair, I deserve those two minutes) my hope is newly restored.

Now I just have to hope that the first 10 pages she requested are up to snuff. It’s always hard you know? Sending out queries and partials, because what you’re writing is a part of you. In essence, someone is rejecting you. Who you are, what you’ve done, what you think. That’s what writing is in any shape or form. Nonfiction, fiction, memoir, how-to, children’s, all of it is a reflection of the writer.

So yay! on this possible step out of square one but now back the norm. Keep searching for jobs. I’d say i’d keep querying agents but i’m currently on a two week hiatus for revision (yes yes I know, it’s supposed to be done before you query agents, but this agent is from before the revision…excuses but whatever).

That’s the important thing to do, keep doing the normal everyday stuff. If you start thinking how this partial means they’ll want the whole book, and then want to sign you, and then it’s only a matter of time before you have your book in Barnes and Nobles or Borders…well one could go insane. Best to keep going through the motions….and breathe


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