Inspiration in many forms…and rewrites

I love when you’re in a slump and you have nowhere to go, you get a blast from a past which immediately inspires a thousand different ideas and all you want to do is write. I met up with a professor of mine. Tiphanie Yanique whose book How to Escape from a Leper Colony is out now in book stores and you should be running to grab a copy.

Anyway, she asked me, “Are you done?”

And i said, “Well i’m in my fourth or fifth draft, so i feel like I’m done.”

Her brilliant and simple response is, “If you feel like there is no where else to go, that you have done everything you could have done in the story, then you’re done.”

I still have some road to travel. Nothing like a sixth draft.

It’s cool, I’ve tallied my queries up and I’ve sent out 57, so all I need to do is find another 57 agents and hope that I haven’t ruined my chances with my premature attempts. Oh! Another bit of wisdom she passed on that I feel like anyone out there who is actually reading this (and i can’t imagine why you would be) is that, “Maybe there is in agent in your remaining list who is going to love your story, but the future version of your story, not the one you have now.”

But then doesn’t that again beg the question, when is a writer actually done with their story?

I guess never but it’s when we feel most comfortable or the least disgusted with our finished product.



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