Dawn of the Phoenix

I’ve put this in my About section, but its worth reiterating here as well. Opinions!

Dawn of the Phoenix, a young adult fantasy, starts off in New Jersey (because we don’t get enough credit ;)  ) and follows my main character Calli Kemp through her journey in the medieval country of Andlar.

Feisty Calli is enjoying her lazy summer before college when she is torn from her humdrum life and dropped into a world at war with a terrifying usurper. Without warning she meets the usurper’s son Valcon who bears a startling resemblance to the man in her dreams who she has fallen in love (who hasn’t fallen in love with the man of our dreams?) . After witnessing Valcon’s cruelty, she finds herself trapped within the usurped castle, now run by Lord Debor. Locked away in a prison, wallowing in despair, Calli is freed by a spy for the rebels and manages to escape into the surrounding forest, only to be captured by the rebels!

After being interrogated and threatened by the High Wizard Rakkor and Princess Serena, Calli is told she is The Phoenix, a daughter of their Sun Goddess Raya, and their champion, as well as last resort. Even though she dismisses their claims, she finds that she is unable to be sent home immediately. To add insult to injury, turns out she isn’t too bad at sword fighting and knows quite a few mysterious words that come from the Old Language. Now she has been signed up for magic and combat lessons, so much for a summer vacation!

Through her time in the rebel camp she befriends Lady Drachy whose dark past rests on her shoulders. Princess Serena and Calli begin to hate each other less, especially after Calli admits she has no interest in a certain Commander Riley who has caught the Princess’ eye. Not to mention the cook Gia has taken a liking to Calli, especially since she has another pair of hands to help with the midday lunch rush. Just when Calli is getting the hang of this medieval lifestyle, a game changer occurs when a traitor is discovered and their lives are in mortal peril in the form of The Battle for Rayas.

Do her new friends make it to the other side of this bloody conflict? Will Valcon sway her to stay by his side? Does Calli live up to her supposed title, can she ever return home….does she want to leave?


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