Don’t send your book out until it’s in publishing form….matter of opinion?

Every agent/website/author tells us the same thing. Don’t send me a draft, send me the finished work.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but who’s to say the final product couldn’t use a few more rewrites and edits? The agent or publisher will probably look at it and tell you to put in/take out several million plot lines and characters, so in essence it’s still a draft.

Now here’s my issue. I started sending out my query letter for my YA Fantasy “Dawn of the Phoenix” about two months ago. I had wrote for the first time in a book, so the second draft happened as a I typed it. The third draft was my readers critiques and comments. And the fourth draft was fixing it after those critiques and making sure it still met with my core idea. 4 drafts, some would say that that isn’t enough, but isn’t that also a matter of opinion.

i started out with 114,400 word manuscript (I know, condensing the scene is not my strong suit) and I’m now at 89,500.  What do you think agents? Since publishing doesn’t seem to have too many strict standards anymore (times are a-changing) , how many more drafts until you feel like I’ve completed my book?

What do you guys think?


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